Jean-François ZAGURY has followed a double cursus in computer science (Master's degree in artificial intelligence) and in biology (Master's degree in immunology) as a student at École Normale Supérieure de la rue d'Ulm since 1982 (initial major in Maths). He has completed his PhD in immuno-virology on AIDS in the Laboratory of Tumor Cell Biology (Prof. Gallo) in NIH (Bethesda, USA) from 1987 to 1990. In parallel, he has obtained his medical degree (CSCT) in 1992.


He has completed his post-doc in the Laboratoire de Physiologie Cellulaire of Paris 6 University (1991-1994) and co-founded the start-up Néovacs for which he was the first CEO (1992-1998), then co-CSO (2002-2003). In 2004, il was nominated professor, chairman of the bioinformatics departement in Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Cnam, Paris), position he is still keeping today. He has recently founded the start-up company, Peptinov , that develops anti-cytokine molecules to fight human inflammatory diseases. He leads the research group Laboratoire Génomique, Bioinformatique, et Applications , composed of a dozen researchers within the Cnam.


His research wotks have led to more than 110 international scientific publications, 18 patents, and 4 copyrights. They deal with the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of human diseases (in particular AIDS) and with the developement of new therapeutic approaches, thanks to the use of bioinformatics tools : genomics and drug design. The characteristics of these works is to rely heavily on computer tools to exploit biological data and develop new therapeutic approaches.






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