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The Laboratory “Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Applications“ : bioinformatics in support of drug discovery.



The Laboratory GBA has been created in 2010 as a follow-up of the research team of the “Chaire de Bioinformatique“ in Conservatoire National des arts et Métiers (Cnam). It is lead by Prof. Jean-Franços Zagury and includes a dozen researchers whose common goal is the development of new drugs.

The Laboratory has received the highest evaluation from AERES (French national agency for the evaluation of research labs) in 2013 : A+/A+/A+/A+/A+/A+, which ranks the Labortaory in the top 5% of French Labs. The Lab has the peculiarity to associate bioinformaticians of the human genome (search for targets) with drug design bioinformaticians (design of new drugs). He is indeed made of a genomic team coordinated by Dr. Sigrid Le Clerc and Dr. Jean- Louis Spadoni (5 researchers) , a drug design team lead by Dr Matthieu Montes (4 researchers), and a team of bioinformatics developers lead by Dr Cédric Coulonges (4 researchers).

Moreover, the Lab is very close from the experimental world since it works downstream with several start-ups, including Peptinov that develops new anti-cytokine molecules. This proximity with experimentation allows to test rapidly and efficiently the compounds identified by drug design.


The Laboratory is highly specialized in association genomics for the study of human diseases. For that, it has developed several performing software for genome analysis, especially Shape IT ( Delaneau et al., Nature Methods 2012 ; ibid 2013 ).

The Laboratory has become reknown in the analysis of AIDS genomics data with the GRIV project (Genetics of Resistance to Immunodeficiency Virus). Today, the Lab is also the analytic center for the international consortium for HIV-1 genomics (ICHG) with the group of Prof. Fellay in Lausanne (EPFL). As shown by the Laboratory publication list , if the prime disease of interest of the group is AIDS, collaborations exploiting the team know-how in genomics have been set-up for the study of skin ageing (Vienna University) and of psychiatric diseases (CHU Henri Mondor).


Several protein inhibitors have been developed by the drug design team, in particular anti-TNF small molecules that have been patented. This team has also benchmarked several docking methods for virtual screening (see publication list ).

The main current projects deal with the following axes :

1. International for the analysis of AIDS genomic data (ICHG)

2. Development of new bioinformatics methods for the exploitation of genomic data

3. Collaborations for the exploitation of genomic data dealing with various diseases or phenotypes

4. Development of new tools for vitrual screening and drug design

5. Drug discovery against various human diseases


Some of the members of the Laboratory also teach in the bioinformatics courses and diplomas proposed by the Cnam : courses at the level of Licence and Master, Engineering diploma.






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